Ecojetbox is an impulse generator

Save on fuel, go faster and bring less harm to the environment*

It was invented by the engineers of ECOJETBOX COMPANY. ECOJETBOX COMPANY is an engineering start-up company situated in Los Angeles, California, USA. Our engineering team is situated in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Our manufacturing facilities are in Almaty, Kazakhstan as well. We opened our office in the USA in 2022. Our product was created in 2016 and over 1500 users enjoy our products all over the globe.

It is as small as a human fist

Ecojetbox is

connected to a vehicle’s electric system so it works on the electric energy of the vehicle and immediately sends back its own electrical impulses to the vehicle’s system that improves the work of the vehicle’s electric generator.

Ecojetbox influences the electric field of the generator windings which results in more complete burn of fuel-air mixture in combustion chambers of the engine.

Ecojetbox impulse generator can be connected easily to the interior cigarette lighter socket.

*Provided all parts of your vehicle are in normal condition and used according to manufacturers standards