Statistics about Ecojetbox

Using Ecojetbox you can give the following effects on your vehicle:

save fuel
increase battery life
increase of the power of the engine without increasing fuel consumption
making your car more environmentally friendly

Our statistics after the research on more than 1500 cases of using our product show:

  • in 85% of cases, a steady decrease in fuel consumption below the average statistical indicators was in the corridor of 15-25% for gasoline, diesel fuel, and autogas (in some cases, the figures reach values ​​in the corridor of 5-30%) on vehicles that were in a good working condition;
  • more complete power supply of the vehicle’s electrical system that results in extending the life of batteries and the quality of direct current;
  • in 95% of cases, there was an increase in the dynamic characteristics of the vehicle, or in other words, there was an increase in torque (an increase of horsepower);
  • in 100% of cases, the reduction of the content of the exhaust gases CO, CO2, CH, and O2 on all vehicles, regardless of the year of manufacture, engine size, and type.

Some information on how Ecojetbox works:

  • Load Removal means Torque Recovered from Electrical Generation.
  • Force potential per Movement gains additional Newtons/meters unclaimed for fuel and power generation;
  • Reduced load results in less costly engine rev- fewer crankshaft rotations to achieve the same speed at Full Load;
  • In practice, the total difference in speed gives the final increase of motor resources, that is the extended life and postponed repair/replacement associated with this factor: oils, spark plugs, generator brushes, and other components.
  • Dynamic and fuel efficiencies are confirmed by repeated serial comparative measurements on a dyno in 2017, 2019, and 2020 by random sampling on dozens of vehicles.
  • Comparative measurements have been carried out continuously since 2017.
  • Load reduction in exhausts is a decrease in the dosage of the Air-Fuel Mixture and an increase in thrust (the air manifold holds the pressure difference more stably).
  • In the case of a vacuum-breaking system of the vehicle, the directly connected vacuum braking system is reinforced.

Increase of the torque or adding horsepower evidence

The vehicle: the red curve shows the influence of Ecojetbox in an increase of torque or adding horsepower

Smog test results

The test was by Kazgidromet Kazakh National forecast agency and laboratory run by Kazakh Government. Also we included the table with fuel saving figures of different vehicle models with Ecojetbox

Reduction of harmful gases in exhaust with Ecojetbox

Download test results PDF