How to connect Ecojetbox?

There are two ways to connect Ecojetbox impulse generator:


interior connection (to cigarette lighter socket)


fuse box connection (“under the bonnet” connection or “under the hood” connection).

Interior connection

In any modern vehicle, there is a cigarette
lighter socket that we connect Ecojetbox to

This connection may be done by a user himself without any professional help. Please follow the instructions below:

  • 1
    Take ECOJETBOX impulse generator out of the box.
  • 2
    Take the Interior connection wire (cigarette lighter socket) out of its plastic bag.
  • 3
    Connect the interior connection wire to ECOJETBOX impulse generator.
  • 4
    Go to the vehicle. Open the door of the vehicle.
  • 5
    Make sure that your purchased model of ECOJETBOX impulse generator is matching the type of your vehicle: Truck model 24 V is used on the trucks with 24V electric system while car/SUV Model 12V is used on cars and SUVS with 12V battery.
  • 6
    Make sure that your vehicle is not started or its battery is on before you connect ECOJETBOX impulse generator. The vehicle's electric system must be completely off.
  • 7
    Find a vacant cigarette lighter socket inside the interior of your vehicle.
  • 8
    Insert the connector of the Interior connection wire into the cigarette lighter socket. Make sure you connected it firmly and tight without gaps in connection.
  • 9
    Put the connected ECOJETBOX impulse generator near the cigarette lighter socket so there is no tension caused to its interior connection wire. Make sure you placed the impulse generator properly so it doesn't fall down or go off while driving. Fix it possibly.

Fuse box connection

This connection can be done only by the staff of Ecojetbox company or third parties authorized by Ecojetbox company. Ecojetbox comes with a fuse box connection wire, see this page for technical specifications.

So far,
Ecojetbox company can connect your Ecojetbox to the fuse box (so-called “under the fossette or hood” connection), on the territory of Los Angeles free of charge.

In other areas of the US, the fuse box connection will cost 30$ per connection and will be done by authorized specialists. We are working to establish our network of partners who can help us with fuse box connections on the territory of the US.