Save on fuel, go faster and bring less harm to the environment*

Easily connect it to your vehicle and save money on fuel from 5% to 30% right away!
Eco Jet Box - impulse generator
Impulse generator

What is Ecojetbox?

Ecojetbox is an impulse generator. It is as small as a human fist. It is connected to a vehicle’s electric system so it works on the electric energy of the vehicle and immediately sends back its own electrical impulses to the vehicle’s system that reduces the resistance of the electric generator by eliminating the electromotive force of self-induction within the electric generator. This way the motor of the vehicle spends less efforts to rotate the generator and the saved mechanical energy is used to run the transmission. That is the "magic" of our invention! Ecojetbox impulse generator can be connected easily to the interior cigarette lighter socket and to the fuse box "under the hood".

Disclaimer: * Provided all parts of your vehicle are in normal condition and used according to manufacturer’s standards.

Know-how technology

How it works?


Connect Ecojetbox to your vehicle


Start your engine


EcoJetBox starts functioning


Your vehicle consumes less fuel

Why Ecojetbox?

Connect Ecojetbox to your vehicle in seconds

Reduce fuel consumption

our tests show the saving range from 5 to 30% depending on the model of vehicle

Get your car to start faster

your vehicles engine starts up faster

Vehicle accelerate faster

your vehicle speeds up better

Vehicle becomes stronger

Your vehicle becomes stronger when going uphill

Less harmful to the environment

Your vehicle becomes less harmful to the environment as it reduced CO, CO2, HC exhaust

Self-cleaning engine

If your vehicle is not new then its engine starts self-cleaning during the following 700 miles of driving with our product

Extend the life of battery

your vehicle's battery gets recharged better and it can add to its lifetime

impulse generator

Reasons to buy Ecojetbox


The steep rise in fuel prices has compelled us to explore ways to reduce our fuel expenses. One option that comes to mind is downsizing to a smaller, more fuel-efficient car, but the cost of purchasing a new vehicle can be prohibitive. However, with ecojetbox, you can save anywhere from 5% to 30% on fuel costs by retrofitting your existing vehicle. It's worth doing your own calculations to see how much you could save. In the case of semi or heavy trucks, the payback period for installing ecojetbox typically ranges from 3 to 4 months.


Many of us fantasize about owning a faster car, but the reality is that it's often beyond our means. Fortunately, there's a solution: Ecojetbox can enhance the power and speed of your current vehicle by increasing its torque. With Ecojetbox, your car can perform with greater strength and acceleration.


If you're passionate about environmental conservation and want to do your part to protect the planet, consider investing in Ecojetbox for your vehicle. This innovative device can help reduce the emission of harmful pollutants like CO, CO2, and HC from your car's exhaust, making it a valuable tool for reducing your carbon footprint and preserving the natural world.


Would you like to extend the lifespan of your vehicle's battery? With Ecojetbox, this may be possible, as the device can generate a higher-quality current that improves the overall performance of your car's electrical system. This, in turn, could help prolong the life of your battery, making Ecojetbox a smart investment for any vehicle owner.

Our services

Ecojetbox company can help you with fuse box (so-called “under the bonnet or under the hood” connection). See pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! Our engineers designed Ecojetbox strictly within the boundaries set by all car and truck makers! It is absolutely safe!

Disclaimer: Provided all parts of your vehicle are in normal condition and used according to manufacturers standards.

For semi or heavy trucks: Ecojetbox truck model 24V costs 1500$ before tax;

For small, medium, light trucks, SUVs, buses, and cars: Ecojetbox CAR/SUV model 24V costs 350$ before tax;

It is 1 year for the impulse generator and 7 days for its wires. Click here for more information.

Yes. You can install Ecojetbox using its interior wire, which is connected to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. See more information here.

Because Ecojetbox can be connected to your vehicle in two ways and that is why there are two different wires in a package:

1. Connection to the cigarette lighter socket (interior connection wire).
2. Connection to the fuse box of your vehicle (fuse box connection wire).

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*Disclaimer: Provided all parts of your vehicle are in normal condition and used according to manufacturers standards